Gregorio Pecorelli

The Veterinarian’s House

The building consists of a longitudinal wing for bedrooms and serving spaces, with a living area placed crosswise to the narrow plot. Car parkings and the entrance gate are visually hidden from the house to avoid any interruption to the continuity of the green spaces surrounding the building.

The main project theme was the development of a simple and consistent tectonics within a compact composition. A harsh materiality is used to identify the structural elements of this one storey family house: the perimeter wall is a load-bearing reiforced brickwork, the roof and the plateau where the building lies are in concrete. Inside, the walls hide the neighboring buildings and frame deep perspectives on the garden, creating continuity between interiors and exteriors. Along the northern and southern elevation of the living area, a concrete slabs shields the sunlight creating a space with a strong tectonic connotation through the facade depth.

Private commission.
Structural engineer Ingenium srl
Budget confidential.

280 m2.

ground floor plan

North facade

the building defines an intimate front garden within the thin plot

technological section

the southern porch. Poor materials define a clear tectonic

the living area is positioned crosswise to the plot, creating the illusion of a panopticon overlooking trees and green space

the brickwork enhances the horizontality of the building

the austere walls frame the ordinary suburban sprawl

the south facade overlooks a garden composed by olive and fruit trees

the facade depth provides privacy to bedrooms and bathrooms

west elevation

entrance detail

facade detail

the entrance gate, brickwork and a seamless iron surface


brickwork diagram