Gregorio Pecorelli

Studio Guastalla renovation

In an intimate courtyard of a modernist building in Via Senato, an old art gallery focusing on modern and contemporary art had to rethink its spaces. The rooms of this 1950s Milanese workshop were never touched by any deep renovation, but from a pletora of small interventions overlapping on each other. Studio Guastalla asked for a reduction of visual interferences which could distract clients and visitors from approaching any artwork.

The intervention, simple yet bold, rigorously removed or hid all incongruous electrical and technical elements, giving the space less sensorial distractions, and preserving the original workshop details. The black and green terrazzo flooring was brought back to light, after being covered for decades. By entering the gallery, a new palette of colors set up a calming yet respectful dialog with the dark original floor: the entrance door is framed within charcoal panels hiding technical space and wardrobe. In the administrative room, new floor-to ceiling built in furnitures enhances the impressive height of the old workshop. Here, the capacity of these generous closets is used to hide papers as well as some appliances for a clean and organized look. In the exhibition rooms, the only visible element is the new sober technical lighting features giving flexibility and an appropriate light control.


Private commission. Studio Guastalla.
Photo by Marco Reggi.
Private budget.
100 m2.

The exhibition rooms

The exhibition rooms

The exhibition rooms

The new lighting features

The administrative room

The secretary’s room

The private office

A sliding panel divides the two desks providing extra privacy

The owner’s desk

Full height cabinets provide a generous storage space

Lighting detail