Gregorio Pecorelli

Premio Federico Maggia 2015

Il rammendo della vallata

The former Sella wool factory complex is characterized by an impressive facade on the Cervo river, a charming backdrop for the entire Biella valley. A concrete wall, built for containing the river overflows, draws a boundary gravid of multi scalar potentialities. The binding of the two sides of the valley through a new bridge deletes an invisible urban fracture and creates a connection between the Fondazione Sella, hosted in the old wool factory, and Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Cittadellarte.

By passing through the central core of the former industrial complex, a sequence of paved paths, gathering and cultural spaces connects Biella’s historical city center to the monastery of San Gerolamo and its forest, on the other side of the valley. The Cervo river thus becomes an important observation point for understanding the city and its industrial heritage. The mending of the two edges of the valley brings urbanity in the main cultural area of Biella, a high value naturalistic area with an outstanding textile industrial past.


Competition organized by Fondazione Sella onlus.
First prize.
With Andrea Bellincampi, Gianluca Canzini and Alberto Pizzoli.
24.000 m2

isometric view of the Biella valley

masterplan and valley section

the piazza

the exhibition space at the Sella Foundation

detail of the maquette

the exhibition