Gregorio Pecorelli

Milanese retreat

The small apartment is located in a small but elegant building from the 1930’s in the Isola neighborhood, a few meters away from the Bosco Verticale. A young professional needs a functional pied a terre, and his will is to maintain the refined atmosphere of this very compact apartment.

The intervention consists in a few selective demolitions preserving the room’s layout and the ceiling’s stuccoes. The client had two simple requests: he didn’t want to access his bedroom directly from the entrance and, he didn’t want to see any back of the furnitures. 

The old entrance is split in two thanks to a wardrobe which allows the creation of a vestiaire on one side, and a small antichambre accessing bedroom and bathroom on the other. The living area facing south is characterized by a room divider which furnish the room with a bench and a full heigh library. This element separate the kitchen from the living room giving extra depth to space. On top of it, the backs of sofas and benches are not visible. The very small bedroom has a functional wardrobe and a terrace overlooking the internal courtyard.

A beautiful Hungarian herringbone parquet flooring enriches the living area. Changing in the flooring direction marks the entrance to a different room, while the dark wood built-in furnitures emphasize the echoes of the bourgeois past of the apartment.


Private commission.
Budget confidential.
60 m2.

general layout of the apartment

entering the apartment: the vestiaire and the living room

the living area

the antichambre connecting the living area to the bathroom and the bedroom