Gregorio Pecorelli

Greek Theater pilot restoration

The detailed survey of one of the upper Kerkis of the theater was functional in order to understand the state of decay of the archeological UNESCO site, used for summer theatrical representations. It was found out that the current degradation dynamic of the calcar stone used in the Greek Theater is triggered by different factors which, individually or combined, contribute to the deterioration of the artifact. Among these, a major role is played by the exposure to weather conditions, the geo-morphological characteristics of the site and the consistent anthropic use.

The following restoration intervention had to face a consistent biological attack weakening the superficial strata of the stone and consequently causing a severe alveolarization all over the Cavea. This pilot intervention therefore permitted to verify the validity of the restoration hypothesis which might be possibly extended to other sectors of the theater, in an upcoming future.


Public commission, by Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali di Siracusa.
With Estia srl.

archeological plan of the theater

survey and restoration project

photogrammetric survey

the intervention area from above