Gregorio Pecorelli

A Danish house extension

A few kilometers northern than Copenhagen, a young family of four bought a ’70s existing house in Hørsholm, a green suburban town facing the coast. They needed some extra space for their little kids and a deep makeover of the living and kitchen area, which was old and badly organized. This was the occasion to rethink, with a feasibility study, the whole building and to design a house extension which could enhance the connection between living spaces and the back garden.

The new calm interiors do have a strong element which organize the distribution of the whole house: a wooden built-in closet hides bedrooms and storage spaces, becoming a bookshelf in the living room. Here, with a ceiling strip-out, the pitched roof is exposed back again while a fireplace marks the threshold between living space and the new house extension. The kitchen is therefore taking place in a light wooden structure at the same height of the garden level, while a cantilevered roof creates a cozy outdoor dining area. The house extension is part of the garden, and its glazed facade has an integrated concrete planter system giving privacy and special green features to the kitchen. Inside, plants and flowers cast playful shadows with the morning sun and turn the look of the building into a wooden northern glasshouse.


Private commission.
Images by Giovanni Andrea Coni.
Private budget.
180 m2.

ground floor plan

the living room area overlooking the kitchen extension

the wooden kitchen structure