Padiglione Architettura EXPO 2015 Belle Arti

Curated by Lorenzo Degli Esposti, the initiative spread the knowledge of architecture in Milan and Lombardy, through the organization and the patronage of various events.

Padiglione Architettura Expo 2015 Belle Arti, an initiative of Regione Lombardia in collaboration with Triennale Milano, took place during the universal Milanese exposition. A weekly program of conferences and symposia on Architecture and the City was organized at the Belvedere of Gio Ponti’s Pirelli Skyscraper for the entire Expo 2015 duration and with the participation of several guests and keynote speakers, as Andrea Branzi, Max Dudler, Peter Eisenman, Yvonne Farrell and Rafael Moneo among the others. Academic institutions from the field of architecture, design and communication were involved, inviting the Politecnico di Milano, the Accademia di Brera and Domus Academy to open their doors to citizens and visitors to show students and researchers’ works and studies. Side-events were organized during the Expo semester, such as systematizing the Triennale exhibitions with other cultural initiatives, or the creation of an itinerary coming from a selection of twentieth century architectural works in Lombardy.

Assistant Curator of the initiative